Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Happy winter! We are iced in here in Indy and I have to say it is incredibly exciting! One of the perks of teaching is still getting snow days, and I still get just as excited about them (maybe even more) than I did as a kid! Everything here is so shiny and beautiful!

So, to add to the excitement of being home today, it is also my beautiful sister's birthday AND the groundhog says we are getting an early spring! Wowza!

                                               (my sis and her husband)

I was perusing my vegan cookbooks to make my sis a vegan b-day cake but unfortunately the roads are too bad for us to get together. Here is what I was really wanting to make her!
This is from Angela's blog click here for the recipe. It calls for arrowroot, I have never heard of this have you?
So, with all the buzz around the new movie Black Swan, and seeing how cute Natalie Portman was at The Golden Globes, I was interested to learn more about her and to my surprise she is a vegan and is into being Eco savy. Check out her new bling!

This ring is "conflict free" which means no one was injured or treated unfairly during the mining process. The middle stone is an antique and it is set in rrecycled platinum. Go Natalie! Since my ring is not Eco friendly I am trying to talk Matt into one of these beauties for Valentine's Day!

A girl can dream!

Peace, love, and BLING!


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  1. I'm still iced in up here in Fishers. There is this big ice hill at the end of our driveway and we can't get up our driveway. I haven't been out since Monday, but my husband did and ruined the front of his truck trying to get over the ice hill at the end of the driveway. ugh! Melt already and bring on spring!