Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Camera

Hooray, I got a new camera! My life is complete again! I got a new Sony Cyber- Shot and I am lovin' it! So I am still doing the nasty herbal tincture for my heavy metal detox, but I haven't been doing so hot on the no soda thing. I am not giving up though. I will kick this nasty habit. I LOVE my vita-mix it makes amazing "Green Monsters" aka green smoothies, and lots of other wonderful things like soups, ice cream, salsa, etc. But, I must admit I began a love affair with Jack Lalanne! I borrowed my mom's Power Pro Juicer and I made the most amazing juice this morning.

Here are the goods that went into this juice.

And here is the final product!

Let me tell you, it was to die for! I had to remind myself to slow down and enjoy it rather than suck it down.

Yesterday, was a good eating day also, my Farm Fresh Delivery bin came with all of my mostly local fruit and veggies! Here is the loot! I love my green bin, yo! Matt came home as I was snapping this pic, his words were, "Oh my goodness!" He doesn't get the excitement I experience from supporting our local farmers!

And my Mom made Matt and I a rhubard cobbler! It was amazing! My sis and I ate it with dairy free ice cream! Delish!

I am preparing myself for a juice detox, we'll see how it goes! I'll keep you posted!
Peace, love, and organic veggies!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Detox Day 1

Today started my heavy metal detox! Funny thing, I was so excited to get started and then the reality today of no pop is KILLING me! I know how horrible it is for me, but man there is just nothing like a cold soda. Today I made the fam lunch (we are all home for summer break now) and poured myself a glass of water to just sip as I ate, so why did my husband pop open a soda, take a drink, and then proceed to say AAAAHHHH!!!! Are you kidding me? I wanted to do the same so bad, but didn't.

My camera is broke, hopefully I will get a new one soon so I can continue to post pictures. In the meantime here is my menu for the day so far.

On rising- 8oz of warm water with juice from half a lemon

Breakfast- A "Green Monster" which consisted of: 2C. spinach, 1Tbsp. chia seeds, half banana, 1C. coconut milk, 1 scoop of amazing grass

Lunch- Veggie sandwich with goat cheese (I know not vegan) veganaise, cucumbers, tomatoes, avacados, spinach, and basil on a whole wheat bun. I also had a few pita chips. (we took these to the race and they are AMAZING)

Snacks today- handful of raw almonds, Naked juice

Check in tomorrow for Detox Day 2! Did I mention these cleansing herbs are NOT tasty!