Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Love List

Hello Blog Friends! I am a huge fan of Kris Carr who also has a blog. Every once in a while she does a love list of things she is loving at the moment. I thought I would do the same for things I am loving right now!

1. Making my students laugh each day even though we have so much to plug through each day!

My kids really do point at me and laugh like this! My job can be so fun!

2. Watching my daughter when she doesn't know I'm watching.

3. Crunchy roasted peas

4. Using my itouch as an alarm and waking to the sound of crickets

5. Owl prints

6. Fairies and Fireflies Clothing

7. Sauconies in a size 9 1/2 So cute!

8. Green juice and smoothies!

9. Tazo Passion Tea

10. Meeting new like minded people!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What is that smell?

So as most of you know I am a teacher. Well the last couple days some of my kids have had some MAJOR flatulence issues, to the point of having to move some students away from the teacher's desk. If ya catch my drift (pun intended)

Anyhow, today I decided to pop into to one of the lunch periods and peruse the lunch scene.  We all know school lunches could be better. Just ask Jamie Oliver! But today I was mostly looking into the lunchboxes to see what parents were packing. Most lunch boxes were very similar: luchables, sandwiches (nothing wrong with healthy sandwiches) however most were processed meat or bologna (nitrates, yikes!), chips, and juice.

One lunch box, no joke, was a bologna sandwich, Doritos, a capri sun, and a ding dong! No wonder my room smells like a bathroom! This stuff is not real food! Their little bodies are trying to get it out, hence the smell in my room! Where are the fruits and veggies? How can kids even have a chance at getting their daily servings of REAL food if there isn't any present at a meal?

Now I am not saying I am perfect and I never  give any of this to my child because she does enjoy some chips and juice occasionally, but not on a daily basis in her lunch box. It just all makes me VERY sad because as a working parent who packs my child's lunch box daily, I do know how much convenience comes into play. Although in my experience fruit is very quick and convenient and most kids love it. I only saw 1 lunchbox with fruit in it today.

A lot of irresponsible companies are getting richer and richer at the expense of our kids' health. This makes me SO angry! This is why I wanna be a billionaire and start a company to educate parents/caregivers about how to feed our kids and reforming school lunch! Oh, the Places I Could Go! Right Dr. Seuss?

This whole topic just really gets me going!

Check out some great healthy lunch ideas @

Do you worry about what your child's school is serving? Do you pack them a lunch? I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Smell ya'll later!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nasty Hair

Last night I rushed through the grocery after a long day at work! Never fun! Here were two highlights from my trip. First food...

Amy's Cheese less pizza! To die for! Even my cheese loving husband loves it! (freezer section Meijer, Kroger, and Target)

Next, Green product...
This stuff smells AMAZING! I saw it featured in my Natural Health Magazine and thought I would give it a try.  My hair thanked me because yesterday morning I stepped into the shower and realized we were out of shampoo. I mean OUT! No hotel samples, nothing! So I did the only thing I could do. I washed my hair with soap! It was the nastiest hair day EVER! So glad to have shampoo back in the house! By the way, this brand is Organix, you can't really see that in the picture. Hope everyone is having a great week!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Juicy Juice

Hello blog friends! Sorry for the delay in posts, the laptop is on the fritz so I am blogging on the little net book. Yesterday I met an amazing person who shares a lot of the same interests as I do. Her name is Brandy Mason and if you are here in Indy, you should go check her out. Her and I had a great conversation about cutting out animal products in your diet and also about the power of juicing. Brandy is a colon hydrotherapist and a living foods nutritional counselor and is very knowledgeable about the digestive system. She taught me a lot yesterday.

Brandy is about to embark on a pretty intense juice fast and asked me to join her. I am considering but feel a bit intimidated. She has done several before and is going to chronicle her fast on her website.

She gave me some books that I can't put down. I am soaking them up like the book nerd that I am. I am LOVING them both and trying to read the juice feast book quickly to decide if I am going to join her. The other book is by Norman Walker. I am eager to start reading his books. This man cured himself of cancer and lived well into his hundreds. Lots to learn from him!

I would love to hear your thoughts: Would you be interested in reading about my juice fast if I did it?

Make juice, not war!