Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Think Happy!

Hello blog friends! I hope everyone is having a great morning.

I am a big believer in the body mind connection and need a lot of work in that area! I recently downloaded an app on my itouch of positive affirmations by Louise Hay and I have been really loving it! However, the other night as I was putting Sophia to bed we read one of her new library books and little did I know that all I need to know about being happy & making myself happy, I could learn from a children's book. I wanted to share this book with you it is called Think Happy by Nancy Carlson. This book is filled with pages of colorful animal characters with recommendations on each page and it really made me smile! We are definitely getting this one for our home library and I have a feeling it will probably end up on my nightstand as a reminder to me how easy it is to stay in a positive mind frame!

Here are a few of my favorite pages:

~Make yourself HAPPY by taking care of your body! (picture is bunny running)

~Drink lots of water because your body LOVES water! (picture is bunny drinking water
~Wave at your neighbors!
~Make yourself HAPPY by staying calm. (picture is frog doing yoga
~Have FAITH and you'll always have someone to talk to. (picture animals at church service)
~When you make yourself happy, something REALLY AMAZING will happen!
Try to stay happy today and do something nice for your body and mind!

Peace, love, and happiness,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh baby!

In honor of a special reader of my blog who just delivered 2 beautiful (I've not seen yet, but heard) 34 week babies, and all my girls @ work who had babes this year, I thought I would blog a bit about baby products. Since Sophia is 3 and I just jumped on the natural band wagon about a year ago, some of these I haven't used before.

Eating- Of course breastmilk is a wonderful choice for babies, some don't have that option and I haven't researched organic formulas yet, but I am sure there are some great ones out there. So I will start with baby food. When Sophia was eating I bought Earth's Best a lot. Also, there is a fairly new baby food line called Sprout(Farm Fresh sells this now) There are a ton more these are just a few I am familiar with. Of course you can always make your own using fresh organic produce. This is another reason I am so in LOVE with my Vita-mix. Can't wait to do this next time around! (occasionally of course, I'm not the making all of my own baby food type unfortunately)

Bottles- Avoid bottles with a 7 on the bottle (that's the scary plastic) and make sure plastic bottles are BPA (bisphenol A) free. Glass bottles are a great choice, but I am not sure if there are a lot of these on the market. (I haven't looked, obviously)

Diapers- All I'm going to say about this is there are some really cool new cloth hybrid diapers that are shaped like disposable, velcro on the sides, & convenient to use. Some you just through out a middle insert and wash the "shell" I know this doesn't always seem convenient, but I will say my friend Denise does it. If your reading this Denise what brand do you use? I would love to get your opinion on this.

Monitors- This is something I didn't learn until recently and followed this rule immediately. Place the monitor as far from the crib as possible, at least 3 feet away. Due to EMF's (electromagnetic fields) It is said that EMF's can have a negative effect on our health, both adult and child. This research is controversial in the science world, I would rather not my family be the guinea pigs so I took the advice. On a side note I also moved my alarm clock so it wasn't right next to my head on my night stand. Just something to think about!

Buy Secondhand- There are some things you Do Not want to buy secondhand, but clothes, shoes, and some toys are great things to buy at yard sales or pre-owned stores. I buy almost all of Sophia's clothes at yard sales. My friend Amy and I call each other when we find a good one with clothes the size of our kids, then we stalk them every year to see if they will have another one! No shame here in buying used, I think of it as doing my part to be a super star recycler!

Here is a picture of my girl when she was a baby, who by the way Krista she weighed more than your twins put together! Holy cow, LITERALLY!

Peace , love, and the miracle of babies!