Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New comments

Let's see if this works? I think I added a new commenting feature to make it easier for everyone to leave comments. Let's try it out...

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fueled on Juice Today

Today was all about business! Grades are due! Always a busy time. Can you believe it is already midterm for my kiddos?

Since I had a juicing fest yesterday, I was stocked for a juicy day! Here are today's eats (mostly drinks):

  • I started the day with 3 huge grapefruits, juiced to perfection! This is by far my FAVORITE morning drink. I Love it on ice!
  • Throughout the afternoon I sipped on 2 green juices and water.
  • As soon as my kiddos left school I drank some pumpkin pie in bowl drink. This stuff is delicious! I knew it was in my lunch bag and I looked forward to it all day!
  • Then it was time for dinner. here's what I did:
I started with a nice sized salad with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sprouts.

For my dressing, I made this dressing from
it is a balsamic dressing. The only change I made from hers was that I omitted the maple syrup and added NuNaturals liquid Stevia instead.

I made whole wheat angel pasta and steamed veggies for Matt and Sophia

Of course I used Mr. Newman for the sauce (actually this kind was not my fave) Wasn't he such a handsome man? My family is huge racing fans, so we miss Mr. Newman.

Rather than pasta, I just had the steamed veggies with the pasta sauce over them. I have been doing this a lot when I make pasta for the fam. It is a much better choice for me, but since I get the sauce I don't miss the pasta at all. Truthfully, I am not a huge pasta fan. I'm a sucker for Mexican food though!!
And of course the man of the house and I had to polish this off! Oh, how I do enjoy a glass or 2 of wine at the end of a hectic day!

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!

Be well,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Juicing Jubilee

Yeah, we are over the Monday hurdle! I REALLY am not a big fan of Mondays. I hope yours was good though. I wanted to show you some recent finds at the store and do some explaining on my recent eats.

On Sunday, I went here and got:
This for me. I saw Jenni McCarthy talk about these in Shape Magazine. They are pretty high in calories but good for a treat.

This for Sophia. I am trying to gradually get her off of dairy because it is so mucus forming and she has asthma. This is a coconut Keefer. She wasn't impressed. I think it is wonderful!

This for Sophia. She won't eat regular peanut butter, but loves chocolate peanut butter on strawberries! It is a great healthy snack for her!  This stuff is kickin'

Then I stopped here:

And got this: Vegetarian nachos- Yikes! I felt so gross after eating this. WAY too heavy. I prefer Qudoba!
Tonight was a grocery night for me so we had this. This is my favorite pizza, I've talked about it several times on here, but here is a picture of the box for you visual learners!

Afterwards Sophia had a healthier version of a fruit roll up.

These are called FruitaBu's and they are 100% real fruit with no added sugar. Here is the box.

The rest of the evening was pretty much a juicing jubilee for me! I have been eating a lot of packaged foods the last couple weeks and boy can I feel it. I feel sluggish, grumpy, and bloated. It is amazing how much lighter and happier I feel when I am juicing. It has been a good lesson for me taking a few weeks to eat less than ideal food because I realized just how good the juice makes me feel, and how bad the packaged stuff makes me feel.



Partaay! They are like my little cheerleader pyramid! G-O Let's go Green juice, G-O Let's go!
Ok, sorry!

Carrot juice for pumpkin pie in a bowl.
Sophia drinking the pumpkin pie drink! She loves this stuff! Never mind the bad picture and the dirt all over her face! Point is even three year olds like veggie juice!

What I am realizing right now in my diet is that I am feeling the best when I am eating mostly raw, mostly vegan. Notice I am NOT saying all raw and all vegan because I do still liked to eat cooked things at dinner and I am really enjoying goat cheese and salmon (sometimes) salmon grosses me out sometimes too. I am still learning what works for me. This is still all part of my journey.

I have some exciting stuff coming up next week! Will share soon.