Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fueled on Juice Today

Today was all about business! Grades are due! Always a busy time. Can you believe it is already midterm for my kiddos?

Since I had a juicing fest yesterday, I was stocked for a juicy day! Here are today's eats (mostly drinks):

  • I started the day with 3 huge grapefruits, juiced to perfection! This is by far my FAVORITE morning drink. I Love it on ice!
  • Throughout the afternoon I sipped on 2 green juices and water.
  • As soon as my kiddos left school I drank some pumpkin pie in bowl drink. This stuff is delicious! I knew it was in my lunch bag and I looked forward to it all day!
  • Then it was time for dinner. here's what I did:
I started with a nice sized salad with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sprouts.

For my dressing, I made this dressing from Angela@ohsheglows.com
it is a balsamic dressing. The only change I made from hers was that I omitted the maple syrup and added NuNaturals liquid Stevia instead.

I made whole wheat angel pasta and steamed veggies for Matt and Sophia

Of course I used Mr. Newman for the sauce (actually this kind was not my fave) Wasn't he such a handsome man? My family is huge racing fans, so we miss Mr. Newman.

Rather than pasta, I just had the steamed veggies with the pasta sauce over them. I have been doing this a lot when I make pasta for the fam. It is a much better choice for me, but since I get the sauce I don't miss the pasta at all. Truthfully, I am not a huge pasta fan. I'm a sucker for Mexican food though!!
And of course the man of the house and I had to polish this off! Oh, how I do enjoy a glass or 2 of wine at the end of a hectic day!

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!

Be well,


  1. Loved your post today and now I am hungry but it is 10:30 which is not an appropriate time to eat! the pics were great!