Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello Blog Posse!

I thought I would take a minute to update on how I am aiming to eat these days! I still say I am a "flexitarian" being free to eat whatever I want but mainly sticking to plants. However, I find I am living "mostly" a vegan lifestyle these days. I have still been eating goat cheese and a little feta here and there, but am pretty close to cutting that out as well. Last week I had no dairy at all until Friday when I had goat cheese on my pizza and my tummy was singing the blues!

I am really trying hard not to get caught up in what I can't have but rather really focusing on what I can have that is going to really serve my body and create wellness!

I have been pretty much living by Kris Carr's wellness principles since the summer. She has now gone mainstream with her new book Crazy Sexy Diet and I highly recommend it!

 I really try to focus on eating a lot of alkaline foods and limit the acidic ones. Kris explains this in detail in chapter 2 of Crazy Sexy Diet. The title of this chapter is pHabulous! You can also click here to learn more about balancing your pH.

I LOVE my green juice, but have to admit it does get hard to keep up on making it while working and raising a family. I usually do my big juicing sesh on Sundays and freeze it for the week, but I also go to the grocery that day, plan dinners for the week, prep lunches for the week, and try to get things done around the house. So sometimes my juicing falls short. Which is exactly what happened this past Sunday, so I am excited to have this new green powder to sip on when I don't have my juice or feel like I need an extra boost of alkalinity!

I will say it is NOT quite as tasty as my green juice and I have some MAJOR getting used to with it. It is not for the faint of heart but the cleaner my diet becomes I think the easier it will be to drink. I LOVE green powders in my smoothies, but drinking it straight with water is a new thing for me.

Well, we are prepping for an ice storm here in Indy, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow! My cuboards are stocked and we have a gas powered generator so bring it you big bad storm!

Peace and pH,


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  1. I, too, could be a full-on vegan if it wasn't for glorious goat cheese! Can't imagine life without it right now!
    My daughter follows a vegan diet and is always experimenting with new recipes that she shares with me. Most of them are pretty great! She has been blogging about her adventures lately.
    I sent you a FB post on your wall today - let me know if you watch it.