Monday, September 6, 2010

Grown-Up Stuff

Hello Blog Friends! This weekend was all about Grown-Up Stuff! First, I discovered this new soda called GUS- Grown up Soda. It is all recognizable ingredients. Not something I would have everyday, but really great for when you want that fizz!
After this, I decided to switch to a REAL Grown -up drink! I ended up having a few of these! I put them in the sand for the commercial effect! Ahh, the perks of being a grown-up!

As I was drinking that, someone else decided she was nearing being a grown up herself and decided she was big enough to walk out on the dock herself. (the water is really shallow)
In her hands is something from the ice cream man called a "shot" Slow down there girlie, no shots yet!

Here are some highlights from the eating scene this weekend!
This is orzo pasta with tomatoes! AMAZING!

I was SO excited to finally try this! It is ice cream made with goat milk. Goat milk is a lot easier on our digestive system. This was good and I will definitely have it again, but it did have a definite after taste that takes some getting used to. Natalia Rose (Detox 4 Women) talks great about this stuff!

We had a great weekend, but definitely realized that growing-up is happening way too fast!



  1. Looks like a picture-perfect weekend!

    I've never heard of the goat's milk ice cream! I LOVE goat's milk cheese though so I'll definitely pick it up if I see it!

  2. I prefer the vanilla over the chocolate!