Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Weekend in Motown

We are spending this weekend with the fam in Detroit. The drive up with a three year old required several stops at nasty gas stations to use the facilities. So needless to say we used lots of this on our hands.

I like this hand sanitizer because it is all natural and doesn't have alcohol in it.

My sister-in law is very much into the same things I am with living green and organic. She has been into it longer than me, so I love coming to her house and seeing all her "green things"

Yesterday she picked these from her garden. Pear shaped yellow tomatoes. So cute and so good!

I found these in her collection of books! If you haven't read Food Rules by Michael Pollan you should check it out. It is a quick fun read and very informative! The Green Living book is a great resource of green products.

Sophia LOVES coming to see her cousin Van she also loves that her Aunt Elizabeth always has these for her! They are called Pro Bugs, they are an organic probiotic yogurt drink that we used to be able to get in Indy, but can now only find at Whole Foods 45 minutes from us. She seriously will have all these gone before we leave!
We enjoyed lots of this "Fizz" last night! Getting a little crazy!
This was our amazing breakfast this morning! French toast made with walnut cherry raisin bread, coffee with cream and sucanat (stands for sugar cane natural), and some OJ!

Hope everyone is enjoying some family or friend time this weekend!


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