Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We were in the car for a good portion of the day yesterday heading back from Michigan. On the way home we pass through Muncie, In where I went to College and also met my sexy husband! Grr...

I saw this billboard and snapped a quick picture of it. It is a Ball State billboard, my Alma mater!


This sign made me really think about how much Ball State really helped to create who I am today and how much I've changed since my Ball State days. I am certainly not that 18 year old girl who headed off to Muncie with her best friend to finally be "Free"  I am SO much better now.

Now that I am thirty something, I feel like I am truly finding who I really am and I LOVE it! I love creating this new lifestyle for me and my family.

Here is my list of ways I am creating change for myself and my family:
  • Paying more attention what we put in and on our bodies
  • Taking me time in the form of walking or rebounding (jumping on mini trampoline- really cleansing for your cells)
  • Juicing and blending
  • Accepting who I am no matter what
  • Realizing perfection is my enemy
  • Training my mind to stay in the now and stay positive
 My whole blog is about constantly moving closer to where I want to be. I do not always make the best choices, but I am conscious of the choices I make. I certainly don't judge others for choices they make. I do wish the way our kids eat on a daily basis were taken more seriously, but please don't ever read my blog and think I would judge what you are doing in your house.

So, all that being said I thought you should see what we picked up at the gas station on the way home.

YIKERS! I did manage to tear off only a small section of the nerd rope and Sophia thought that's all there was. So then why did I eat the rest? Shit! Oh well not about perfection just creating a better me!

What things are doing to create a better you? I would love to hear!

Peace, love, & create!


  1. I like it! think I'll do a little creating myself...never too old for that!

  2. I think you have already been creating MOK and I am so proud of you!