Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lunch Box Madness

Hello blog buds! I am so excited to share with you today Sophia's new lunch box system! I have been looking for awhile for something new to pack more of a waste-free lunch (less trash) and was so excited to come across these! Easy Lunch Boxes .com

The way it works is first you purchase an actual lunch bag from them. We chose blue.

I was a little disappointed that they didn't have fun designed bags, but they do have a spot on the side to decorate your bag with fun key chains. We got this little picture frame key chain at the dollar store.
Next you buy a 4 pack of the Easy Lunch Box containers. We ordered 2 sets. They are BPA free!
What I really love about this lunchbox is that after you put the container inside the bag, you still have PLENTY of room to put a thermos or water bottle and an icepack on top! You can actually fit three of these containers inside the bag (family picnic)

So of course I had to try them out immediately! Today I packed all of Sophia's lunches for the week!
Lunch 1 is: a small whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and honey, goldfish crackers, strawberries, and vanilla yogurt with granola on top.
Lunch 2 is: 2 laughing cow cheese and crackers, animal crackers, and mandarin oranges

Lunch 3 is: a Trader Joe's veggie corn dog (it will fit in there once I cook it), an avocado (I will cut it the morning of so it doesn't brown), and grapes and strawberries.
Lunch 4 is: turkey bites & cheese on toothpicks, triscuts, cottage cheese, & mandarin oranges.

Lunch 5 is: a plum, cucumbers & hummus, a Dannon yogurt drink, and left over pasta from one of our dinners this week will go in the empty spot.

I really have to think for lunch ideas for Sophia because there are a lot of typical lunch things that she will not eat like pb&j and deli meat sandwiches. Really the only meat Sophia eats is turkey pepperoni and these little turkey sticks. I'm not complaining though. I like that she naturally just doesn't care for meat. I really try my best to pack her as healthy of a lunch as I can knowing what things she will and will not eat. I definitely make sure she a fruit everyday but we are still working on getting in her veggies. I know that will come with age. ( I hope)

So look how nicely these containers fit in the fridge!

I am So in love with this lunch box system! It is really important to me to make sure Sophia is eating healthy even when she is away from home and also to be buying things in bulk rather than individual packages to create a lunch that does not have many things that need to be thrown away. I teach my kids at school about this too. Here is a great website with more info on waste free lunches.

I was also so excited to find these at the grocery today!

I don't feed Sophia too many things from a can. Most cans contain BPA in their lining which leaches into the food. I am also not a fan of buying fruit that is drenched in heavy syrup or sugar free fruit that is sitting in Splenda (Splenda is NOT healthy) So I was so excited to find this product by Dole that is fruit in 100% fruit juice and is in a GLASS jar! It would be even more exiting if it were organic but you can't be perfect!

I hope this gives you some ideas for own kids' lunches or even for your own! Also, I would love to hear what things you pack for your kiddos to give me some more options too!

Peace, love, and lunch!



  1. William starts school on Tuesday which means I have to start packing him a lunch. I'm at a loss because he usually eats a warm lunch each day (leftovers from the night before). Preschool does not have a microwave - bummer. He loves veggies but does not eat any fruit other than a banana each night before bed. Help!

  2. Charla, you could do a soup, pasta, spagetti O's, mac-n-cheese, broccoli and cheese, or any of your leftovers in a thermos. Sophia's school doesn't heat things up either, but she says it is still warm when she eats it in her thermos. I just stick it in the microwave before I put it in her thermos. Meijer usually has a good price on little character thermoses. I hope he enjoys pre-school!

  3. That's so Funny that Sophia doesn't eat pb&j or lunchmeat - neither does Riley. About the only "sandwich" I can get him to eat is Grilled Cheese! And we are fighting to get him to eat veggies too. Carrots, Corn on the cob and Cucumbers are about it right now, so if you find any kid friendly veggies that she likes let me know and hopefully Riley will like them too!!