Saturday, August 21, 2010

3 is a magic number!

This morning I was thinking about how significant this digit is in my life as Sophia asked if she could get on the scale and said "Momma am I still three?" Yes Sophia the scale says you are still three and Momma has far exceed the life expectancy of humans according to the scale! ( I didn't actually say this out loud) I love the innocence of having a 3 year old. I hope I never forget how fun this stage is!

This week I finished my first full week of school where I teach third grade! Third graders are So fun! I am so blessed to have a job that I truly enjoy!

We are a little family of 3 and oh how we are enjoying our days as a threesome!(we need a new family picture, Sophia still has her baby look in this photo)

I have officially entered the BIG 3O (OK 31) and I feel like I am finally coming into myself and really figuring out who I am and what I am passionate about!

I am reading an amazing book Eat, Pray, Love.  3 things that are so important in my life. Anyone else reading this before you go see the movie? My mom actually got me this book 2 Christmases ago and I am just now getting around to reading it! I am actually the third person to read this book because both my mom and my husband read my gift before me! Thank you mom. This is the perfect time in my life to be reading this and I am loving it!

Speaking of 3...Here are 3 things I enjoyed for dinner the other night. A 3 egg omelet, a spinach salad, and a glass of Riesling!

Thank you 3, you are truly a magic number and I am so enjoying you in my life right now!
I will leave you with 3 words as always!

Peace, love, & 3!


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