Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who wants to play along?

Hello blog friends! I am really excited that you all are checking out my blog and maybe even joining along on your own journey! I think there is a lot of power in surrounding yourself with like minded people and sharing ideas with each other. Maybe we could even start a little dinner group once a month @ different restaurants??? Thoughts???

Yesterday was a fun day of Farmer's Markets. We hit up two, cause that's how we roll! I started the day with a nice "Cherry Bomb" smoothie.

Here are all of my goods from the markets! The white container is my new talc-free lavender powder from Natural Independence, it is local and handmade. No chemicals and no artificial fragrance, just pure ingredients and essential oil! The other goods I got are parsley, kale, peaches, beets, & a mystery vegetable!

Who wants to guess what it is? The winner gets a free bundle of them on me!

Of course, I also had a green juice at the market then we walked down to the circle and I stopped and got an unsweetened green tea @ Starbucks. I really wished I had my stevia. Starbucks didn't have any, so when I got home I loaded a bunch of packets into my purse for future outings! (thanks for the idea Mom)

Dinner was a loaded salad with romaine lettuce, mini sweet peppers, onions, cucumbers, edamame, & raisins with Mary's Gone Crackers.

I also rebounded on my little trampoline for about 35 minutes. I am really lovin' this! At first I didn't know if I should wear shoes or not. I googled it and found that you can do it either with or without shoes. The first day I wore tennis shoes and my feet were a little sore the next day, so every time since then I have done it barefoot and I think I prefer it this way. I love the time of just having on my music and making a fool of myself, and let me tell you I sweat like crazy while jumping. Way more than when I go running believe it or not (may have something to do with my turtle pace when running)

Hope everyone is enjoying Father's Day!
Peace, love, mystery veggies, and of course DADS!