Monday, June 21, 2010


And the winner is the one and only player...Denise! Hooray! I'll have to find out if she like these before I buy her some!

You pronounce this kohl (just like the store) rabi (sounds like the name Robby, not the foaming at the mouth animal disease) Kohlrabi is an above ground vegetable from the cabbage family and resembles a turnip. They grow well in a hot or cold climate.

The farmer I bought these from told me to cut off the leaves (they are useable too, however I didn't this time) and then peel it and slice it, and eat it raw. She said her family eats it like chips and dips it into ranch dressing or hummus. They can also be cooked. I followed her advice and ate them raw.

So here is my review of Kohlrabi:
It was a little radish like. However it was very mild in taste and the crunch was wonderful! Definitely something good to eat when you want crunchy! As I was eating this I was dipping it into a vinaigrette dressing and I decided it would be really good if you let it soak in a vinaigrette.

A recipe I found online said to:
Peal and cut the Kohlrabi into 1/4 " pieces
Cook in salt in salt water until tender
Pour a white cream sauce over the Kohlrabi
Add Blue or Gorgonzola cheese on top

(too cheesy for me, but I may try this sometime for Matt and Sophia)

So here is breakfast today! I LOVE breakfast food!
Oatmeal with these mix-ins:
chia seeds
almond butter
I also had hazelnut coffee with sucanat and a little creamer. I decided today that once this can of coffee is gone I am going to try really hard not to buy anymore, and try to drink green tea instead...we'll see!

Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. A friend grew them in their garden last year and gave me one, but I never knew how to eat it, so I never tried kohlrabi. I've heard great things and I LOVE easy food right now. I think my juice and smoothie obsession is only because i can nurse and drink a smoothie with one hand.

  2. You are motivating me, Adrianne! Since watching Food Inc., my thoughts of food and feeding my family have changed. But incorporating all of the changes I want to make is a process. Thanks for the nudge to keep me moving in the right direction! I've enjoyed reading your blog & learning from your research! I found some 100 cal packs of quac at Target today! I would love to talk more about all of these good, healthy, organic non-processed eats!!!

  3. That's awesome Brandi! It is definately a process. I love hearing that people are enjoying the blog!