Friday, June 18, 2010

Fasting Friday

Kris Carr is one of my favorites! I am so inspired by her, she a thirty something former actress who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer nearly 8 years ago and there were no treatments the doctors could do for her, so she has treated herself with whole foods, and many other interesting practices. Kris is a big believer in the power of juicing. One day a week she gives her digestive system a break by juicing all day.

So yesterday, I decided to try it. This certainly isn't for everyone, and I wasn't sure I could do it but I have been researching and learning a lot about it so I wanted to try. Matt wasn't here today which made it a lot easier to not watch someone else eating. Sophia doesn't make a difference on this because I am not tempted by the food she eats.

I started the day with a "Green Monster" with
chia seeds
frozen banana
frozen cherries
Amazing grass

Then around noon I had a fresh juice with

~This is when I wanted to just forget it and go to my favorite Mexican Joint, but I stayed strong I had another Ultimate Greens Juice (the same one above)

Then I did another workout rebounding! By the way I LOVE doing this!

After working out, I fixed myself a "Cherry Bomb" and Matt a Green Monster!
I felt incredible after juicing all day, I felt so lite! I think I may try this one day a week from now on. I definitely won't do Friday's again, but am thinking maybe Tuesdays or Wednesdays would be good. It will be challenging once school starts again, but I love the way it made me feel so I am going to plan on doing it through the rest of the summer and then re-assess in the fall.
By the way, I highlighted Matt's name in red throughout this post because he I love him, he is fine, & he does a lot of nice things for me! Janet Jackson reference here, from the song "What have you done for me Lately"
Make Juice no War! (Kris Carr says this and I love it)


  1. Hey, I went to Natural Born Juicers at the TCP Farmer's Market yesterday. It was great. I bought one of their green juices. I found it very refreshing, but nearly fainted at the $7 they charged for it. I thought I should think of it as a meal of veggies rather than a cup of juice.
    Have you been to Vogel yet? They are also certified organic. We love how close they are to us and how friendly.

  2. I know, they are expensive! I think I have finally figured out how to replicate my favorite juice from them. I saw Vogel at Stadium Village and Greenwood Farmer's Market but would love to go to the farm!