Thursday, June 2, 2011

Clean Summer

Summer is here and so is the HOT sun and the mosquitoes I am NOT a fan of rubbing anything with nasty chemicals on mine or my families bodies! When it comes to lotion to keep our skin from getting too dry I use Whole Foods own 365 brand.
You can get a huge bottle for $3.99, possibly even cheaper than most lotions in big box stores! Although I have a 45 minute hike up to my nearest Whole Foods, a bottle of this lasts a long time!
These are the things these products do not have in them:


■Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

■Sodium Laureth Sulfate

■Artificial Frangrance

■Animal Ingredients and also no animal testing.

Two other products that are must haves for us in the summer are Alba Sunscreens (I get mine at Kroger)
• Water resistant

• Tear free

• Paraben Free

• UVA/UVB protection

• 100% Vegetarian ingredients

And California Baby Bug Repellent
This stuff is a safe and natural alternative to toxic bug repellent chemicals. Non-toxic, DEET free, non-chemical, hypoallergenic formula repels bugs while it soothes existing bites with organic aloe vera, yucca, Irish moss and herbs that are specific to the healing of the skin. Lemon eucalyptus and citronella do not cause harm to humans, pets or the environment.

There are lots of other great non toxic products out there too, I just wanted to share what I use here!
I am loving that regular Big Box store are beginning to sell these products as well. I get the California Baby Bug Repellent at Target!

Now go out and have fun outside without the guilt of smearing chemicals all over your family!

Let me know if you try any of these products! I would love to know what you think! And by the way, I DO NOT work for any of these companies, just sharing what I like!

Peace, love, and fun in the sun!


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