Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Innapropriate Backpack

August Break Picture of the day = a little girl who likes to pretend that her Mommies bra is her backpack! Funny thing is she really could fit some schools supplies in this thing!
Ok so now on to some more blog appropriate material. Here is my fantastic dinner last night . Notice how big my salad bowls are. They are actually mixing bowls. I don't mess around with my salads! I also sprinkled veggie Parmesan cheese on it. Yum!
And this is my SPECTACULAR omelet that my husband made me! I already let him know that we will officially be having omelet night around here once a week and he will now be in charge!
I am super excited! Nothing like someone cooking dinner for you! It had green pepper, onion, tomatoes, and goat cheese in it. And of course, I always top off my eggs with ketchup on top. It's a childhood thing for me!
I get my eggs from Seven Springs Farm in Carthage, In. It's amazing how much brighter in color the yolks are than store bought eggs. I do struggle with eggs in my diet. The omelet tasted great don't get me wrong, but eggs can also gross me out easily while I am eating them. Anyone else have this issue? I could definitely see a time in the future where eggs won't be in my diet, but for now they are a good transition food for me, especially stuffed with veggies and smothered with ketchup!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. I can't eat eggs. Before I got pregnant with Maggie, I'd eat them almost every day for breakfast. Now I will think about it, but by the time they are in front of me, I can't eat them. Matt even tried to cook them one time and I still couldn't do it. I want to go to Cafe Patachou, but what is the point if you don't get the eggs.

  2. I absolutely love goat cheese in my veggie omelettes! In fact I'll probably have that for breakfast tomorrow morning (a little bloggy influence!)
    I try to limit my egg intake to once per week and I buy my eggs locally from a friend who has an organic farm.
    Love the "backpack" photo - classic!

  3. Interesting that they bother you too Denise C. They have a Cafe Patachou at the airport now too!You could go for the carrot cake it is amazing!

  4. SentimentsbyDenise, do you eat reg. cheese also or just goat?