Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Treat

Hello blog friends. I hope everyone is staying cool! It is scorching hot here in Indy! So I've been really bad about taking pictures of my eats lately, but I have a few new faves to tell you about.  First, I made vegan banana cherry coconut butter bread that was delish! Let me know if you make it! Here are the pics of mine, you are gonna LOVE this! If you don't have coconut butter, just put shredded coconut in your food processor and there ya have it, you just made your own! It takes a lot of scrapping down on the sides of the food processor.

Ok, so I'm really frustrated with Blogger right now. So I apologize if my format is all whacked out, it's Blogger not me! Anyways, I also wanted to share with you my new favorite "treat" from Starbucks. Has anyone had the passion tea lemonade? DAYUM! It is good! I get it unsweetened and put 2 stevias from my purse in it! You must try!

I hope everyone continues to have a great weekend! Sweat out all those toxins!

Peace, love, & banana cherry bread!

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