Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pretty 'n Pink

Hello blog friends. So I am definitely a fan of pink and today was a very pink day beginning with 2 freshly juiced grapefruits! They juiced so pretty 'n pink, and tasted amazing on such a hot day!

I don't have pics of my in between eats today, but they included 2 green juices, a ridiculous salad with a new dressing I will share later, and while the rest of the fam ate whole wheat spaghetti, I had sauteed cauliflower and topped it with the spaghetti sauce!

Next, we were off to a princess Birthday Party. Talk about pretty 'n pink. Just look at my pink princess(on the left) with her best friend Hannah (on the right)! Aren't they the sweetest!

This girl LOVES cake. She waited for about 30 minutes just sitting at the table while the rest of the kids ate pizza just so she would be in position and ready to go when the cake arrived!  She is all business when it comes to cake! Do I want her to eat healthy? Of course! But I also want her to be a kid and part of  that is enjoying all the sweet things that go along with a friends birthday! Such a Pretty 'n Pink day for us!

Have a great day everyone & see if you can find something Pretty 'n Pink today!

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