Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Got Juice?

Hello! So today was another fun day of juice...However, I did break my fast BUT I made it longer than the last one. It was good though I feel lighter today. Here are my drinks today.
I made a big batch of juices this morning.

Breakfast was pinnapple juice.

Noontime was carrot, apple, cucumber juice & a little later was a Cherry Bomb.

Then I broke my fast with cooked & raw carrots.
Hope everyone had a great day! See you all later!


  1. You are so dang healthy, girl! Major will power and self control! Way to go!!!

  2. Thanks Brandi, now just waiting for my extra weight from my 3 year old "Baby" to come off! LOL You should come over one day and see if you like the juices or smoothies better. You can get cheaper blenders than the one I told you about.