Friday, January 28, 2011

Pizza for Breakfast

Hello friends!

Now I am NO photographer and haven't even read the instructions for my camera (I should really do that) so my photos on this blog are not great and I apologize, but my passion is learning healthy food not photography. So here is an Adrianne photo of my latest obsession...

This, my friends is Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Banana Breakfast Pizza and it is AMAZING! This is from one of my favorite bloggers who happens to be an amazing photographer as well as an amazing cook! So if you want to drool over some pics of this pizza in all it's glory click here.

Here is another one of Matt and I's new favorite eats...
This is sandwich is avocado, hummus, tomato paste, pepper, nutritional yeast (tastes cheesy without the cheese) and spinach. It is AWESOME! We have both had it in our lunches this week and even for dinner one night!

And of course our week just wouldn't be complete without some smoothies!
Here is the his and hers from this morning, can you guess who's is who's?
Did you guess that the green one was mine? WRONG! I totally have him converted! Muahahaha! I love that he is enjoying this journey with me! Such a man!


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