Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lip Service

  Hello Blog Beauties! I hope you are warm and cozy on this cold evening!

I am a huge fan of "moist" lips! Isn't that a gross word? "moist" In less gross words, I love having chapstick or gloss on my lips at all times! During the winter however, it tends to be mostly chapstick. I will not however put bad stuff on mine or Sophia's lips (Matt doesn't keep his moist) By bad I mean chapsticks that contain petroleum and other harmful ingredients. I never get Sophia those princess glosses in the dollar bins because they are usually full of the bad stuff.

I once read that a woman eats between 4-9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Even more important that we pay attention to what we put on them!  If I'm gonna eat it I want to make sure it is quality stuff, right?

So here is what I am enjoying on my lips and Sophia's. Sophia LOVES the EOS brand because it is shaped like an Easter Egg! The other brands pictured are Alba Coconut Cream Lip Gloss, Hurraw (organic, raw, and vegan) and comes in lots of yummy flavors including Chai, and Dessert Essence.

Keep those smoochers happy and healthy this winter!

Peace, love, and "moist" lips!



  1. Girl, I am totally with you on this one! I have chapstick or gloss stashed everywhere in my house, so no matter where I am, I am only an arm's reach away from making my lips moist!
    I think it's an addiction :)
    But I do know if I was stranded on a deserted island and I could only have 3 things, chapstick would be one of them!

  2. It would be one of my 3 items too Amy! Thanks for checking out the blog! Now I'm heading over to yours to check it out too!