Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clean House, Clean Food, Clean Week

Hello blog friends! This weekend has been exhausting, but I did get a lot done. Now it's back to work again! This working stuff is for the birds!  Today was spent prepping for the week. Cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and then prepping food for the week.

Last week was a bit chaotic, so the goal for this week is to stay on top of things and have everything organized including food.  I ordered Sophia the coolest new lunch box system so that we can pack a waste free lunch everyday. I will blog on it when it arrives.

So Saturday morning I had some cleansing to do because of the Taco Bell and drugs I ingested on Friday! So here is how I started my day...a Green Monster! This consisted of 2 cups spinach, handful ice, one cup almond milk, 1 tablespoon chocolate peanut butter, 1 scoop chia seeds,1 banana, 1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass! It was just what I needed! So delicious!

I spent most of the day at school getting things ready for this week since I left early Friday. For dinner I made nachos with Trader Joe's Blue Corn Chips, Eden Black Beans, Soy crumbles, avocado, onions, tomatoes, and Annie's Ranch Dressing. Here is the adult version.

And here is the Sophia version.

Here are my "bags of juice" Each bag is what will go into my morning juice. This way all of the produce is washed, cut, and ready, so that all I have to do in the morning is run it through the juicer. And clean the juicer! Blah! Each bag has 1 cucumber, 1 apple, 1 grapefruit, 3 kale leaves, and 3 celery stalks...aka "The Green Greyhound"

I also prepared all of Sophia's lunches, a few salads for me, and these sandwiches for Matt. They are cucumber, tomato, spinach, hummus, and Gouda cheese on rosemary and olive oil flat bread.

I also juiced and froze a bunch of "Green Lemonade" for a mid morning juice each day this week.
This juice is 1 lemon, 1 granny smith, 1 cucumber, 2 stalks of celery, and kale.
The whole middle row is juice! I buy ball jars and plastic lids to freeze my juice in.

I love having a clean house and clean food for the week. It makes me feel so prepared and ready to go!

Now I'm going to rest before that alarm goes off at 5:00 A.M.  YIKES!



  1. You are so organized, I'm jealous! I need lessons! I have that cup you drink your juice from...unfortunately I use it for things a little less healthy, a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta to stay awake (think caffeinated beverages, iced tea, diet coke oh my!)

  2. Wow! You've been a busy girl! Love the way you have all your meals ready to go...such a time saver!

  3. You are one busy lady, wow! Great to be prepared though, adds us some free time at least. Looking forward to seeing the lunch box.

  4. Aww, thanks Krista but I don't have newborn twins like you! And I also would totally be filling my cup with caffeine if I had 2 newborns! I do miss the diet coke sometimes.

    It is a timesaver especially since I have to be at work so much earlier this year!

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  5. I too have that cup in Hot Pink..and i call it my "Fun Cup" it's for my morning smoothie and my daytime juice. It makes all my drinks look pretty:) Which I guess is important to me:)-Kelly C.

  6. Kelly, I LOVE pretty cups too! I think presentation is important!