Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleepy Head & Sprouted Bread

I have been so lazy and sleepy the last couple days, hence the no posts!
My day started out with Ezekiel sprouted bread w/ almond butter, blueberry jam, & chia seeds.
I also had a cup of hazelnut coffee with creamer, and sucanat (sweetner)

~I use the sprouted bread because it is flour less, wheat free, and gluten free making it much higher in nutrients and easier for your body to digest.

Lunch was out at my new fave Sandellas. Today I got the black bean and rice bowl but wasn't real impressed. Should of stuck to the Greek Salad, it rocks!

Tonight we went to the Stadium Village Farmer's Market.

For you Hoosiers, it's on Meridian across from Shapiro's. Here are the goods we got:

Cucumbers from Stouts Melody Farms

A Grassy Knoll (mango, banana, wheatgrass, hemp protein powder) from Natural Born Juicers this ended up being my dinner.

Sophia got these marshmallows from 240 sweet.

And Matt got an amazing pretzel and I didn't catch the name of the vendor, because we were all stuffing our faces. I'll get it next time because they are amazing!
And this my friends is the booth I am running too first next week! We ran out of cash and couldn't get any tonight, but this is both vegan and non-vegan treats! Yumola!

That's it for today! Another stormy night! Tomorrow I will show you what the UPS man brought me today! I am so excited!
Peace, love, and Farmer's Markets!

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