Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Checking in

Ok, so I've not done so well at daily posts. I will get better. Today was a great day! Right now I am training in minutes rather than miles. I did a 20 minute easy run today.

I have decided to slowly cut out meat and dairy without becoming an obsessive person about it. I have (flirted) as Alicia Silverstone would say with cutting these things out for quite some time. I have stopped eating meat several times in my life, but have always had a hard time. After I had Sophia and nursed her for 7 months and had to pump 3 times a day while at work, I decided I felt really bad for those poor cows who spend their entire lives pumping! So as part of my journey I am going to once again flirt with this idea.

Today's food:
Breakfast- Lara Bar
Lunch- salad & a pear
Snack-2 slices of "women's bread" with honey (again, not being obsessive about the vegan thing. No bees are hurt in the collection of honey)
Dinner- 2 tacos with beans and ketchup (yum, seriously)
Snack- Rice Dream ice cream bar

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